Single Moms Charities-Charity merger boosts support for lone parents

. 5/28/07

Here is a great information for lone parent or single moms in charities field.
Charity merger boosts support for lone parents: "

The two leading national charities representing the interests of Britain's 1.8 million lone parents and their 3 million children have agreed in principle to merge. Gingerbread and One Parent Families are currently working together with a target date of May for implementing the decision.

The merger will create a single national charity solely dedicated to supporting one-parent families and fighting against the poverty that affects so many of them.

The services provided to lone parents, such as telephone advice lines, publications, employability training and peer-to-peer support will be enhanced by the merger, as will the training and guidance given to professional advisers in the field.

It is a critical time for Britain's lone parents, with family policy and reform of the CSA and welfare-to-work currently at the forefront of public debate. The ability of the new organisation to speak with a stronger, more unified voice on these key policy issues is particularly important.


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