10 Unique ways to Promote Your Blog + 10 tips

. 8/30/07

Do You have a new blog and the first thing you want to do is Promoting your blog, so other people or search engine will notice you immediately?Yup, promoting blog is the first time to do for almost new blogger in the world.

There are tons off tips and tricks given by many master bloggers that you can adopt and try to promoting your blog. Here are several tips to promote your blog worldwide:

Learn how to promote your blog from Vincent McBurney;
He has 10 Unique (or stupid) ways to promote a blog. You may have seen a million and one other lists out there, this one is all new!
1. Do a live ...Read More... the complete 10 unique ways to promote your blog.

Another 10 tips to promote your blog is come from David Louis Edelman
He will give you another 10 secret tips on how to promote your blog with simple and easy ways.
1. Write about interesting things that relate to...

And You must read the 9 simple tips to promote your blog by Suzanne Falter-Barns with the best free software and service in the world like Pingoat and Pingomatic, Google alerts, etc. Just come to her great 9 tips to promote your blog.

Don't forget to use the great promoting blog method by Susan from


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