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. 9/15/07

If you want to improve your child literacy, you must go to the scribbit page. She is a great mom who have favorites by many mom in the world.

Get 12 and more tips on how to improve your child's literacy. Below are some number of scribbit tips.

scribbit: More Tips for Improving Your Child's Literacy | A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska

More Tips for Improving Your Child's Literacy

Children's LiteratureThis is the second half of last Thursday's list found here.

1. Plant books in high-traffic areas and make bookshelves accessible to short legs.

2. Subscribe to magazines. Classics Illustrated is a publication that has put classic novels such as The Three Musketeers into comic book format. Also Zoobooks and National Geographic for Kids are two other magazines I'd recommend.

3. Cut back on television. Unless you don't have one you're probably watching too much.

Practice what you preach. Children imitate and they'll be more inclined
to read when you are reading. Talk about and share the stories you are

5. Don't force a child to finish a book. It's okay to
discard, in the time it takes to plod through something they've lost
interest in they could have read two others that they like.
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