INFANT ADOPTION - 3 Major Benefits of Adoption

. 10/16/07

INFANT ADOPTION - 3 Major Benefits of Adoption

Do you know that there many benefits of INFANT Adoption than Abortion?After you read about the benefit of infant adoption from this article below, I think you will change your mind on abortion. Holly will give you three groups of benefits from adoption here.

An Abortion Alternative
By Holly Matheson

Adoption is a beneficial abortion alternative that is positive for all parties involved. Adoption provides a viable solution for a challenging, often painful situation and enables couples unable to bear children of their own the priceless gift of a very wanted child.

Benefits for the Birth mother

- Most adoption agencies will provide free counseling with professionals and support groups to put birth mothers in touch with others going through similar experiences.

- Prenatal care and birth costs are typically paid by the adoption agency or adoptive family.

- Birth mothers have the opportunity to choose the family to place their child with, and with the rise of open adoptions, are able to get to know them personally.

- There is counseling available for members of the birth parents families as well.

- Legal and attorney fees are paid for the birth mother.

- Adoption serves as an abortion alternative, avoiding expense medical fees and possible emotional and physical ramifications of an abortion.

Benefits for the Adopted Child

- The opportunity to be placed with and raised by adoptive parents who are emotionally, financially, and physically ready to be parents.

- A stable home and living environment

- Resources, opportunities, and provisions that may not have otherwise been available.

- Greater probability of receiving good education opportunities and resources.

Benefits for the Adoptive Family

- Couples that are unable to conceive are able to have a child of their own.

- Provides an alternative when all other reproductive services have been exhausted.

- The priceless gift of being able to grow their family.

So, why you are not to try Infant adoption rather than abortion after you are know that there are many benefits from Adoption.


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