Regis And Kelly Baby Contest 2008 Winner

. 2/16/08

When I browse in the net to find who is the winner of Recently Live's Regis and Kelly Baby Contest 2008, I found and update from this baby site that Ella is the Winner of that great cute baby contest for 2008.

Here is the updated news on Regis and Kelly Baby Contest 2008 Winner:"Live's Beautiful Baby 2008 have been announced, and The winner of Regis and Kelly Baby Contest 2008 is Ella Segars From Austin. She has been won A cover Model of famous Parenting Magazine and the Grant Prize:$125 K toward a college educations.Congratulations Ella, Please Click here to Meet her."
Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby 2008
This baby girl from Austin is really beautiful baby and she is the live's Regis And Kelly Beautiful Baby 2008 Winner now. She's become famous like celebrity right now because she at the cover of Famous Parenting Magazine. Congratulation to Ella Segars from Austin. Who is the Next Regis and Kelly Baby Contest 2009?Bookmark that site to get an updated information of this cute contest.



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