How To Conceive A Baby Boy?

. 9/19/08

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

Do you like to be pregnant although you’re hesitating if you can conceive a baby boy? Thanks goodness that nowadays it is not left on chances. There were things needed to keep in mind; it includes timing ovulation to conceive a boy, increasing the options already.

The truth on How To Conceive A Baby Boy is, the intercourse time plays a very major function in order to stack up better odds for you, as discussed below:

Both Sperms of Boy and Girl are Unique

Are you aware that, the truth is, a male’s sperm do determine the baby’s gender? You read that correctly, a mom’s egg has no importance with it. There were 2 types in a sperm; this is an X and Y chromosomes. When the X chromosome sperm reach first a woman’s egg then you’ll have girl baby. But if your Y chromosome sperm first reach it, you’ll have baby boy.

How will you be sure that there are more Y chromosome sperm than that of X during your ovulation? There is a single thing that a Y chromosome sperm is known, they are fast swimmer than that of X chromosome sperm due to its lightness. But the X chromosome sperm have benefits of having to live a long life because they’re stronger.

To time up the Ovulation

You might as well use the benefit of hold off the intercourse till a day as well on the exact ovulation day. It gives chance to Y chromosome sperm in swimming faster to woman’s egg. Unfortunately you’ll not be able to choose the date of ovulation, you need to track, predict as well as work on it.

That just a little introduction about How To Conceive A Baby Boy, you need to ask the expert or doctor about that to make sure that you could conceive a baby boy.


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