Parenting Tips for Single Parents

. 9/2/08

Parenting is difficult enough for partners, but it becomes extremely difficult for single moms or single dads, primarily because the lack of a life partner means that he or she will have to take care of the kid full time or try to balance a career with raising a child. Here are some parenting tips that may help with the process.

1. Sometimes you can’t avoid situations where you have to leave your kids for a while in the care of a nanny or a baby-sitter. If you are going to hire a baby-sitter, try to get relatives who are adults or mature enough to know how to handle kids. Leaving them in the care of teenagers who are still irresponsible may result in neglect, as the sitter’s own priorities may be higher than the child’s.

2. Protect and nurture your kid, but try your best to teach him or her how to be self-reliant. When the kid grows old enough, it will make your life easier. Single parents have a tendency to overprotect their children, which results in adolescents who are not only confused about their purpose, but are also insecure and emotionally inept.

3. Become a coach instead of a sage. Children have a tendency to ask a lot of questions, but instead of answering each and everyone by yourself, try to help the child come to an answer on his own. This will encourage self-reliance and strengthen his character, helping him grow up to be a better and more productive person.


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