Ask These Questions To New Nanny

. 10/18/08

Pre-employment questions help us to perform screening tests. It becomes especially important when you are employing someone to take care of your kids. The more you know about someone, the more you reduce that person’s anonymity. After all, it is about taking care of your little baby. And that is priority.

Make a shortlist of potential nannies from applications received. Talk to each selected applicant on the phone. Set up interview appointments, allowing at least one hour for each applicant.

Here are a few important questions to ask when you are interviewing nannies. If you are interviewing many nannies, it is better to take a note of each girl’s answer as you go along.

1. What about your last job- Why did you leave your last job and how long were you there for?

2. What’s your qualification-Do you have any qualifications for this job? Can you show me your CV?

3. Do you have any references-Can I have at least two references and phone numbers to whom I can call and check?

4. What is your experience in this field- Do you have any kind of experience of taking care of children the same age as mine?

5. What activities you are going to do-Do you have any plan about the activities and projects you are going to do with my children? What kind of art and craft you know?

6. What are your hobbies-Tell me something about your interest. Do you play any musical instruments?

7. About discipline-What methods of discipline do you use and would you ever smack?

8. Do you know cooking-Can you cook some simple meals for children? Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

9. Do you know driving-Do you have a clean license? Would you mind taking me out in the car to check that you are a safe driver?

10. Do you have any children of your own-What about them? Will you bring them to work?


Kim said...

terrific questions Dianna :)

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