Choose the Sex Your Baby

. 10/12/08

In today's world, we want what we want and we want it when we want it and in many areas of life we can get it. Can the same principles apply to choosing the gender of our children? Should they?

Some want a baby boy first and then a baby girl. Some parents envision their perfect family of two of each. Without dealing with petrie dishes and technicians, can you make the determination of the sex of your baby on your own? Some say that you can.

There are a lot of reasons why people might believe that beyond idealism they just really want a baby boy or baby girl next. Most often this occurs when a family has a large brood of children all in the same gender and the family wants one more child to complete the family.In some cultures it also occurs because of population control. For centuries people have been trying to use various methods to increase the possibilities of having a specific gendered baby.

Gender Selection Seminars and Books

There are seminars people attend to learn to determine the sex of their next baby. There are also hardcover, paperback and electronic books available to help you make lifestyle choices that can definitely sway the odds in the favour of a boy baby or a girl baby.

Some experts suggest that the following can have an impact on whether you get the x's and y's or just the x's in terms of chromosomes in male sperm.

-intercourse position

-diet of male and female prior to conception

-vitamin and supplement use

-time of sex during the woman's monthly cycle

-body's pH level

-presence or absence of orgasm in males and / or females

-Increasing fertility in males and females

Regardless of what your reasons are in wanting a boy or wanting a baby girl, getting educated about prenatal care and learning about effective help for trying to conceive can only empower you to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Psychologically, it can be frustrating if you are hoping for a boy and get a girl and vice versa but more than the vast majority are happy with whatever the results are. It doesn't hurt to learn how to possibly tip the scales in favour of your ideal choice though.


erin said...

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