Expensive Halloween costumes for your child

. 10/30/08

It's that time of year again when ghosts and Goblins roam the streets. Halloween brings the child in all of us, so you in spirit and together with your child wearing a tag team costume set. Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes that are easy to execute:

Dumbledore and Harry Potter
Every child knows and loves Harry Potter (which is the majority of children out there) will enjoy as his father as an all-knowing Dumbledore. You need a bathrobe Thursday, a beard and a wig. As Harry Potter, your child may be wearing a bathrobe, cape, glasses, wizard's hat and a fake scar on his forehead.

Wands you need for your Halloween costumes. If you have a daughter who would rather not dress like a boy who they can then be Hermione. She could make her frizzy hair and wear preppy clothing as a private school uniform. Do not forget the robe.

The skipper and Gilligan
Step into the world of Gilligan's Island by dressing up as the skipper and Gilligan for your Halloween costumes. You can easily wear a blue shirt with a white collar, khaki pants and a captain's hat. Your child will play the part of Gilligan by wearing a red shirt with a white collar and a sailor hat.

Dr. Evil and Mini-Me

The cliched phrase: "The apple does not fall far from the tree" can apply to Halloween costumes, too. In Austin Powers, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me are an unbeatable tag team. If you want to keep your Halloween costumes as simple as possible than you and your child can simply wear identical clothing. If you are interested in mimicking the characters closer than to your local costume store or online search for a more authentic ensemble


Daija said...

Last time I got Harry Potter Halloween costume through Warner Brothers for my little son.

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