How Children Learn Bad Behavior

. 10/28/08

We can pass our bad behavior to our children. How many times have you heard parents routinely use the F word in front of the children are very young? Making statements like "I must condemn them."

Our children see how we interact with other people and then they copy that behavior. Should not come as a surprise if at some point in time, and we hear our words repeated from their lips.

If we can not control themselves so how can we control and can provide a positive influence in the lives of our children.

Many of us have a "do as I say and not do as I do" attitude. But this is a realistic expectation.
Mixed signal will chip away at the credibility of your children because they see the contradiction.

There was a time when adults feel necessary to discuss sensitive issues will ask children to leave the room. Today, this may not always occur. Bezanya, parents can find themselves must explain the behavior of other people.

How often we forget to say "Sorry"? This is not uncommon these days to be scoffed at for doing something.

Although, this may not happen at home, here only a short list of bad behavior and we expose our best for children in the home, from friends or influence the environment.


* Bumping into other people say without permission.
* Receive courtesies from other people say without more

Abuse and aggressive behavior

* Parents Abusing one another verbally or physically
* Oral or threatening physical abuse to teachers who give negative feedback about your child
* Bullying and terrorizing people to get what you want.

Defender negligence and inappropriate for Behavior

* Making statements like "I grew up I do what I want to do."
* Laughing in the violence to other people and pets.
* Bad working habits such as constant absenteeism or the solvent.
* Poison need to get out of difficult situations or for personal gain.
* Stealing in front of children.

Bad Hour

* Engage in intimacy believe the children.
* Lack of stability in the relationship with the members of the opposite sex.
* Coming home drunk.
* Smoking marijuana or take drugs in front of other children
* Using the B word to refer to women
* Confrontations with police

Children's friends

Parents are not only poor children's behavior. A young friend who also has a large influence on what they internalize. If accepted by the children want friends, they can do what is necessary to become part of the group.


We the media can play a role in influencing our children to think through the images and send messages to the young and impressionable world.
Some estimates below the role of television, movies and music at a young mind. However, I beg to differ. In our time we see film of children by using words that will condemn even make a sailor red.

Live in the communities in which we often debate issues such as freedom of speech: Does he not be wise to exercise this right with prudence and frugality for the sake of our children.


Laura Harvey said...

Whats everyone doing for safety precautions for Halloween? My husband came across an article (http://i-newswire.com/pr220892.html) with some info about background checking neighbors. I thought that may be a little overboard, but it had some other good suggestions for some precautions I haven't thought about. Last year my youngest son came down with a massive fever after Halloween. I almost thought about just taking the kids to our church's fall festival this year instead of door-to-door to prevent that from happening again. I don't know yet. What's your advice? Am I over-reacting or just being a concerned mom?

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