How to Choose Bibs for Toddlers

. 10/18/08

If your son just begins to walk and is still drooling, then choosing a good bib for him is very important. If your kid keeps drooling all the time, don't be alarmed because this is normal. What you need is baby bibs which are appropriate for his age.

Those with vinyl or rubber backing are helpful as they keep kids clean. If they are hard to find then machine-washable cloth bibs are the option. For security reason, you must choose those which have child-safe tie length and no hanging threads. Alternative way is select those which use a clothespin to secure dishtowels behind the neck.

In fact, babies are not so messy if you have to use a bib on him. It depends on what you are feeding him. Most children like animals, so if you have a bibs which has a dinosaur or a butterfly, you can save time to make him "be a good boy". When you go to restaurants or picnic or else, make sure you bring some bibs as cloth or paper tissues in the restaurants don't fit him. After about 14 months, you can stop using them.

There are many baby stores in the internet for you to shop around. For instance, this shop offers custom bibs with various patterns to choose: www.bennyandwillow.com. If you hesitate in purchasing online products, you can also make bibs by yourself. You may cut a hole in a bath towel. But you must cut off all the hanging threads as it may make your baby uncomfortable.

You can also use disposable bibs, especiall when your baby is a messy eater, who are always spitting up and screaming.

Anyway, if some says that bibs are useless, it's probably because their child didn't really require one. So make sure you understand your kid.


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