Understanding Your Baby’s Developing Feet

. 10/12/08

Have you ever thought about how your toddler walks? If you are like most parents, you are too busy looking at your toddler with loving admiration to really think about the mechanics behind taking those first steps. Nonetheless, if you want to help your child's feet develop normally, it is helpful to understand how your toddler walks as well as how you can purchase the right shoes to help your toddler's feet develop properly.

The Developing Baby Foot

When your baby takes his first steps, the muscles on his toes separate in order to help him gain better balance and control. In addition, his feet grip the floor in order to keep him from sliding. Of course, as your baby gains his balance, he will still fall down plenty of times while learning to walk. This is not, however, because his legs or ankles are not strong enough to carry his weight. Rather, he is simply learning to gain control of the motor skills needed to walk.

Giving the Foot Room to Grow

As your baby grows and develops, it is important for the blood vessels, bones, muscles and nerves in his foot to have plenty of room for growth. If you force those cute little feet into shoes that are stiff and restrictive, your baby's feet won't have the room they need to properly develop. In addition, his toes won't be able to spread out and provide him with the help he needs to achieve proper balance. Finally, if your toddler wears high top shoes, his ankles won't develop properly or gain the extra strength they need to hold your baby up as he grows and develops.

In order to give your baby the protection he needs while still allowing his feet to grow and develop properly, it is best to use soft soled shoes that are made with leather. Leather is tough enough to provide your child's feet with protection while remaining flexible enough to allow your baby's feet to do their job and to grow to be healthy and strong.


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