Various Baby Sleep Disorders

. 10/17/08

Sleep disorders are very common among the babies. Among natural reasons, there are many other factors that may contribute to a sleep anxiety. Babies who are nursed usually wake up more often than those on milk formula diet. It is due to the fact that a mother's milk is quickly digested than the other milk. There is no cure to this problem. Leave it to Mother Nature to fix it.

Separation anxiety is another major issue. Babies feel separated once they are by themselves in the bassinet. New born babies crave for mothers lap to ensure safety. Once they are separated, the start feeling insecure. Both parents can help each other and their baby by gentle petting once the baby is awake. It will let the child know that you are still there for them.

Sometimes, it is also the uncomfortable clothing that hides scratches and makes the entire body itchy. Use loose clothes on toddlers. Other kids may get an allergy due to the formula food. That is why Mother's milk is recommended until two years. It not only helps with better nutrition but is proved to develop a strong immune system.

Small children are prone to dust, airborne and pollen allergies. It is therefore recommended, not to expose babies in open air for long intervals. Also, abdominal gas, teething and ear ache are the primary reasons behind an irritated child. Parents should be able to recognize such signs. Talk to your pediatrician about these natural causes. Things are most uncomfortable for babies if they feel hot, cold or wet conditions. It is imperative that your baby is kept under a controlled environment.

Colic is another disorder. Doctors think that half of the babies suffer from Colic. It is the condition of the body when an immature nervous system is not able to adjust to the new environment. Therefore, the body's only reaction is crying. No, Colic is not an illness. It is just that your baby is sensitive and more alert to the stimuli in nature. It heals with the passage of time.


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