"bath Time Tips for Babies and Toddlers" Make Bath Time a Happy Time for Your Child

. 11/7/08

Bath time is usually an exciting time for babies and toddlers. I know my little girl comes running anytime she hears the faucet turn on in the bathroom. She is attempting to strip her clothes off, but does not quite know how yet. Most children love water. It's not something that they get to play with often other than at bath time. Splashing and exploring this mysterious substance is good for giggles and squeals. Mom and Dad usually get in on it whether they want to or not. Soon this bath time will come to an end and this can cause sadness and even tantrums at times. Here are some ways to help your baby end this adventure in a positive way.
1. Always use a thermometer to test the water. Babies skin is more sensitive than ours is. There are actually toys that test the water for you and will tell you if the water is too hot. I would suggest getting one of these. Another way is to dip the inside of your forarm in the water. This part of your arm is more sensitive and you will be able to detect if the bath water will be too warm for your baby.
2. Wash your baby's hair and body when you first put them in the bath tub. If you wait until your baby is tired of playing or the bath water has gone cold, then she is already not happy and has started fuss. They are less cooperative at this point and do not want to get washed up.
3. When washing your babys hair, don't be too careful. If she never gets water in her eyes, then she will most likely not like it when she is older. Bath time will become stressful for her and you. Exposing her to getting a little water in her eyes in the bath tub while she is young will get her use to it. Then when she is a toddler, she won't have a fear of getting water in her eyes. Going to a swimming pool with a toddler is a whole lot more fun if your child doesn't mind getting splashed.
4. If your baby is anything like mine, she could stay in the bathtub all day long if I let her. What I've found is, if you drain the tub when it is time to get out, she will suddenly think it is okay to get out. It's either that she is getting cold or that it is just not very much fun to be in a bath tub without the water. It works great for me! It is also great for the safety of my child, because there is no danger of her coming back later and falling in a tub full of water and drowning. Which is a real danger for babies and toddlers. This way offers peace of mind.
These are things that have worked for me. I hope you try them and that they will help you have a more enjoyable bath time with your little one. My little girl and I also enjoy singing songs at bath time. If you think your voice sounds good in the shower, just wait until you hear it in the bathtub.


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