A Guide to Single Baby Prams and Strollers

. 11/21/08

Single strollers are the most common models out there and they are designed for only one child. You will find a vast selection of them which means you can get your hands on exactly the type you need. It may surprise you to find just how many different versions of single strollers there are. Taking the time to explore them will help you to purchase the one that is right for you.
Stroller with Carrier
Most parents will agree that a versatile stroller is a good investment. This type allows you to put your baby in there from the time they are an infant until they are a several years old. They are adjustable so you can have a child in there laying down or sitting upright. A great model is one that has a carrier with it. This attaches safely to the top of the stroller. Carrying around a heavy car seat carrier with a baby can be difficult but this allows you to have them safely in front of you.As the child gets older you can use the bottom part of the stroller for them to ride in. A stroller with a carrier is very convenient as you can take your baby out of a vehicle and attach them to the stroller. You don’t have to take them out of their carrier which can make them cranky. They will also be securely harness this way so you can be confident they are safe.
All Terrain Stroller
If your lifestyle includes being out in areas where the terrain isn’t even, you won’t be satisfied with a basic single stroller. Instead you need to buy one that is designed for all terrain. They are styled differently with two wide wheels on the back and one in the center of the front. These are also referred to as jogging strollers. While they are more expensive, being able to go where you want with your child easily is well worth such an investment.
Umbrella Stroller
An umbrella stroller is one that goes by many different names. It gets this particular name due to the fact that you can easily open and close it like an umbrella. They are extremely lightweight too. You can set it up in a matter of seconds and do the same to fold it up. This is perfect for traveling and to keep in your car for basic outings.
With an umbrella stroller though you don’t get very much room. They are upright strollers so you child will have a hard time sleeping in one. They aren’t good for small children either that can’t sit up on their own. You also have to make sure you have the latch securely in place when your child is in it. Otherwise you risk it collapsing with them inside.
Before you buy any type of single stroller, test them out. Most retailers offer them on display. Take the time to examine how they look, how they are moved, and even how heavy they are. You also want to read safety information about them online. Once you have narrowed down your selection you can compare prices and features to get the one that is best for your family.


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