Handle Teens with autism

. 11/27/08

Teens with autism can sometimes be confronted with behavior - such as autism anger - that are beyond their control. Anger may occur in many forms, but often takes the form of violence or tantrums.

With regard to the handling of uncontrolled anger, it is generally recommended that whenever possible, you should look at the person, not to speak with them and not touch it (if it is for your own or their safety). In practice, do not add to their excessive and refrain from anything that could add fire to the fire. Many parents find that over time, angry outbursts is reduced if no one responds.

Ignoring this kind of behavior will no doubt be tough in the first place. After all, when your child has been little anger was easier to control, because you could either physically stop him or her from throwing anger or distract their favorite toy or object. However, if your child has been registered during adolescence, then he or she will be too large to deal with physical and bribery with the favorite object tends to be less effective. So, if he or she is to overcome the hurt themselves or others, it is better to stay out of the way and let anger sink.

Autism anger in teens can be pretty scary. Behavior can escalate to a point where others are at risk of being harmed. In fact, tantrum behavior may be seen as a criminal offense in some cases, if it were a loss of control lead to destruction of property or harms others.

The following steps are often recommended for parents who have children who sometimes suffers from autism-related anger outbursts. Should be used in the case, and not necessarily in this order:

- Resist the meantime - as already mentioned, that remains calm and how should anger fade more quickly because it will not be available outside stimulation to encourage him.

- Ensure Safety - Make sure that you, your child, and nobody else in this area are safe. If your teen is autistic just screaming, pounding their feet and doing other similar activities, and if nobody else in this area, usually best just to leave the room or space, and get yourself in a safe place. That way, you not only to protect themselves from evil, but you're having trouble completely eliminate themselves. Sometimes it is in itself enough to adolescents, calm down.

- Reassuring People - In the case of individuals who know you can diffuse the situation and is usually able to calm your teen down, then you may wish to see whether you are available to help. They may not need to do anything, but just their presence may be enough to instill calm. However, this technique works only if it is reassuring person in your teen life. This is not always the case.

- Call for help - if the situation does not appear to be improvements, or if they become violent behavior or out of control, then get some external assistance - staff, or even the police - may be the only solution. They will be able to support its efforts to reassure your teen and help control any dangerous behavior.

Autism anger can be an overwhelming experience for teenagers, because the game with hormones rozkolísané and fighting for their independence, but it can also be very worrying for parents.

It is important that once you have the situation under control, will work together through the cause of an outbreak is calm and controlled manner, without guilt, so it should be a situation in the future may be taken to divert anger before the situation becomes heated.


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