Important Safety Measures When Buying a Baby Crib

. 11/7/08

Having a baby at home is definitely a blessing. However, there are many things you need to consider and provide for your baby. Baby supplies are very important items that you and your baby will be using in everyday living. You need clothes, feeding bottles and supplies, wipes, furniture and many others. This seem to be an overwhelming when you soon realize that you have to deal with everything you need for such a small person. Indeed, preparing for these items can cost a lot for the parents. However, there are affordable choices if you are really on a tight budget. You can go to many places that sell second hand baby items, or you can even purchase them from garage sales. Many of these items will still be in good shape, though, you can find other great deal also.

Many parents today are looking for less expensive items for their little ones. These essentials may probably found anywhere, except maybe with diapers and wipes, but the rest can be sold secondhand. Although secondhand products are far more cheaper than brand news, it is always best to baby crib that hasn't been used. Remember, your baby will spend a lot of time in his or her crib.

Safety Standards

1. The safety standards of baby furniture, particularly cribs, have changed over the years. This means, if you have an older crib then it may not meet today's safety standards. For instance, the crib rail need to meet today's measurement requirements. In case the rails are too far from each other, the child may get his head stuck between the bars. Also, there should be enough space between the top of the rail and the top of the crib mattress, this is to avoid the child from climbing over the railing and falling out.

2. A crib should have a bumper to prevent the baby from getting hurt on the rails. It should be made of soft fabric to protect your child. Whether your child is rolling over the bumps, his or her head won't get hurt that bad. It also prevent your child from getting his or her head stuck between the bars. Even though it is designed to protect your child, you still need to make sure it is secured to the crib properly to avoid suffocation. Otherwise, if the bumper is too loose the child might get entangled by it and suffocate his or herself.

3. Today, there are lots of cribs that were sold with bedding, making them crib bedding set. These sets usually come with matching blankets and pillows to match the bumper and crib sheet. However, these items can pose a risk of suffocation for your little one. The same as the bumper, your child might become entangled in the blanket and may get it wrapped around his or head or other body parts and cause an injury or suffocation. Pillows may also cause hurt to your baby's neck, or a pillow may cause suffocation also if it ends up on your baby's face.

So, for those who would like to welcome the upcoming newborn child with crib bedding set, following safety standards won't hurt you. Make sure of checking first the structure of the crib and its materials. If you want, you can also purchase other baby items to include in your crib set like baby toy, few clothing, bottles, baby books as well as few surprises for the new parents.


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