Info for Moms - Autism and Vaccinations

. 11/20/08

There is a lot of info for moms to digest on the subject of autism and vaccinations. There is one camp that claims that it is the over 40 vaccinations each baby receives in a span of four years that causes this handicap, and others who believe it is genetic and has nothing to do with shots at all.
Autism does seem to run in families, with males being 4 times more likely to have it than girls. This would seem to promote the idea that autism is NOT in fact related to vaccinations. So does the fact that in identical twin boys when one has autism the other has over a 60% chance of having it too, and in fraternal twin boys, there is only 10% chance (much less genetic material in common).
However, many celebrities, most notably Jenna McCarthy, maintain that their children were diagnosed shortly after their vaccine shots - pointing the finger more specifically at the mercury found in the MMR shot for measles, mumps and rubella. However, the level of mercury in the vaccine is harmless, and there have been no reports of autism in children genuinely poisoned by mercury.
One study run in Japan pointed to a population of 300,000 that stopped vaccinating with MMR, and the number of autism cases went up, not down. Opponents of vaccination still point to Amish communities and state they have never vaccinated and have no autism. If autism is a gene related disease, however, it may not be prevalent in the genetically isolated Amish communities, which are legendary for rare genetic diseases due to a tight gene pool and repeated inbreeding.
Info for moms on the possible side effects of vaccines is confusing and runs on both sides of the arguments. Children who are not vaccinated do run risks of dying from childhood diseases all but eradicated except where vaccinations are not administered. On the other hand, there are those who insist their vaccinated children are permanently damaged as a result of the vaccine.Some have put forth the theory that the vaccines don’t actually cause the autism, but simply act as a trigger in those who have a family history of it. If this is the case, then anyone with autism in their family may wish to hold off on vaccines.


Anonymous said...

You cannot have an epidemic from a hereditary trait.
What tripe is that?
Autism is from Mercury plain and simple.
Good luck children ...oh and Stephen Harper is a war criminal.

Anonymous said...

Mercury is never harmless, no matter how small the amount. There is no such thing as safe mercury.

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