Reasons to Buy Eco-friendly Baby Clothing

. 11/6/08

Every parent wants the best for their baby, be it toys, clothes or any other product. With the increase in awareness regarding the harmful chemicals used during manufacturing of clothes, people have started buying eco-friendly clothes for their babies. Eco-friendly baby clothing is the latest fad and the demand for these clothes has increased manifold due to their various benefits. The eco-friendly clothes are not only beneficial for a child but are also excellent for the environment.
Eco-friendly baby bamboo clothes are made of bamboo fabric which is created from bamboo pulp. The best thing about bamboo fabric is that it does not need chlorine to be bleached and can also be dyed easily without being treated with harsh chemicals. The baby clothes made of cotton or other synthetic products are harmful for your baby. While growing cotton, it requires to be sprayed with various pesticides and studies have revealed that some chemicals used in cotton like propargite, dicofol, and cyanazine are linked to cancer. Baby bamboo clothes are a safer and healthier alternative to cotton clothes. There are many other reasons to buy eco-friendly baby bamboo clothes:

* As eco-friendly baby wear are manufactured using minimal chemical processes, they use less energy in comparison to other clothes. The chemicals used can be harmful to the environment, thus by buying eco-friendly bamboo baby clothing, you are contributing to safer environment.

* Eco-friendly baby clothes are best for the soft and delicate skin of a baby. These baby bamboo clothes are made of fabrics which have not been chemically treated; additionally, no pesticides are used while growing bamboo. Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial agents which repel pests and eliminate the use of pesticides. The root system of bamboo is healthy and it helps in enriching the soil rather than depleting the resources of the soil.

* The most important reason to buy eco-friendly baby clothes is the comfort factor. With an appearance comparable to silk or cashmere, baby bamboo clothes are extremely soft, silky, and have a smooth texture. Bamboo fiber is also highly durable and the baby bamboo clothes can be washed with other clothes.

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