The Sense of Hearing in Infants and Toddlers

. 11/12/08

The fetus can already hear while still inside the mother’s womb. He hears his mother’s heartbeats, the grumbling of her stomach, and sudden loud noises like a car blaring or a drum banging. Once he hears a sudden loud sound, the mother usually feels a perceptible sudden jerking movement in her womb. And when the baby is delivered to the world, he is assaulted by a myriad of noises he has never heard of.
The Effects of Music to Infants
Like stated above, babies inside the womb can hear sounds. If his mother is fond of listening to soft music or humming to her baby, that same kind of music and the same kind of humming produces a calming effect to her infant when he comes out into the world. If he becomes fussy, the mother usually hums the familiar tune and the baby soon calms down. Hearing is also one of the baby’s ways in recognizing his mother as he turns towards her familiar voice when she speaks to him.
Another importance of music to infants, aside from its calming effects, is that it stimulates the baby’s brain, allowing him to recognize different tones and pitches. Take for example the Mozart Effect. It has been studied that infants who listen to music played by Mozart greatly enhances the baby’s IQ as the music helps in the formation of neural bridges in his brain.
Toys for His Brain Development
There are so many toys that produce musical tones and notes that can further aid in the development of his young brain. For one, there are the musical mobiles that are placed above the baby’s crib. Once you wind up the toy, it starts producing melodic sounds as well as starts spinning. Both the spinning action as well as the music captures the baby’s attention that pretty soon his brain is recognizing the music and the shapes and colors of the toys hanging above him. Some mobile also produces soothing lullaby songs that lull your baby to sleep, teaching him how to comfort himself.
Toys that produce music also play an important role not only in his hearing development but also in his eye-hand coordination. You will notice that his attention will be drawn towards the toys that play a song, and soon, he will be reaching for that toy, further aiding him in the development of his motor functions.
You have to make sure though that the toys you will be giving him is always age appropriate.


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