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. 12/2/08

Parents, increasingly, are thinking up unique names for their children. An exotic association from each other, there is at least a constructive benefit. An unusual name contributes to the exclusivity, helping the owner and easier to be recognized. Think about how easy it is to remember a "Terra Nova" in a crowd of Marys and Jane.

However, choosing an unusual baby name requires some care. How can you choose a name that is distinctive, yet ended up sounding ridiculous? Of course, you do not want your child to be at the receiving end of all Waynes and Dylans in his school. Here are a few tips:

1. Look what's out there. Start by searching popular baby names in parenting books and websites. Together with the more familiar, you'll also find some unusual baby names you rarely heard before, and that you want.

2. Old is gold. Many old names that were very popular until recently have now fallen out of favor. Research names in the historical archives or literature, or digging up some of the unusual names from your own family records.

3. Read the glossies. Celebrity baby names are a good source for distinctive names. The big advantage here is that although the name is not often, it will have built up some degree of awareness and acceptance by the media attention. The downside, of course, will be that the name may eventually becoming more popular, it loses its novelty factor.

4. Get the correct spelling. Be careful about using an unusual name that baby is just a popular name in a new spelling, such as "Jaysonne 'or' Jayesun." This will obviously sound phony, considering that the ruling will keep old 'Jason. " Even more important is that your child can even be considered to cope ridicule of others on this account.

5. Avoid strange combinations. Also, resist the temptation to an unusual baby names by stringing together two or more names such as "Branjelina." Unless done to jump, such a name will probably sound strange or gawky.


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