Guide to Unique Baby Shower Gifts for the Mommy to be

. 12/27/08

Today’s incarnation of the baby shower started shortly after WW2 and has become quite the celebration of life. We’ve transitioned from small family oriented celebrations to larger parties that, in some cases include entire towns and last several days. In America, traditions have stopped with pre-birth celebrations that usually see party sizes ranging from close personal family to large circles of friends.

If you are the mommy to be, a baby shower can be one of the most exciting times of your life. After all, that day is strictly to celebrate new life and a bond between mother and child. It should be a blessed day filled with joy. For a party participant it can be a day filled with emotions that stir up memories of a first child or for future plans for children. It can also stir up emotions of competitiveness. After all we are all human and pulling out the “best gift of the day” award is quite the accomplishment!

If your goal is to share in the glowing light of mommy-hood as well as being the top gift giver in the crowd it is very important to select a thoughtful, useful and exciting gift that will not only serve as a functional item but as a keepsake for years to come. One such item is the tiered diaper birthday cake that not only gives a great cake for future diaper storage it comes with 200 very practical disposable diapers. If you are going for the sentimental “hand me down” heirloom, the Rockabye Baby Rocking Horse would be an excellent time honored and traditional choice!

Often the grand slam of baby shower gifts will be the baby’s first plush teddy bear. A unique baby shower gifts in that same realm would be the Jo-Jo Giraffe stuffed animal or Bailey the bunny cashmere bunny. If you decide to go this route, be cautious and check out the color scheme and layout of the baby’s new room. A bunny in a room of teddy bear prints would stand out like a sore thumb.

Ultimately the perfect baby shower gift doesn’t come down to how much money is spent but the thoughtfulness of the gift. Listen to the mommy, take notice of what the baby’s room looks like and find the perfect gift that will not only fit the needs of the mommy but will serve as a great keepsake for the baby.


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