Having a Baby ?

. 12/27/08

Ok so you are pregnant.Imagine you have just had your baby and the bonding process happened at birth, you look at your little darling and all is well .You love him or her to pieces right from the start. that is the easy part but what about all the stuff you have the knowledge for ,looking after a baby but putting it into practise is another thing altogether.
Your parents ,may have told you how to bring up a baby, you may have learned childcare at school but the fun and responsability really takes place when you are finally home and the midwife has discharged you and so has the health visitor after the intial visits.

10 facts follow below of what can happen to a baby if you are not a good mum or parent.

1.At every opportunity when you change baby, feed baby, bath and dress baby without talking to him/her just completing the task at hand to get it over with.-

2.You feed baby when you feel like it, leave baby alone in cot or pram crying for hours.

3.You change baby eventually after being in nappy all day.Wash baby clothes once a month or so.

4.You scream at your baby over and over again, you shake your baby in temper.

5.You wash your baby's bottles after days of lying around with milk inside getting green moldy.

6.You eventually wash your babys cloth nappies after lying around the floor solied or left in a bucket of stagnent water after many many days.

7.You dont give your baby anything to do or play with leaving them to just lie in a pram all the time.

8.you leave plug sockets uncovered ,hot cups of tea hanging around, within reach of baby starting to crawl.

9. You are prepared to leave your baby alone whilst you go out with your friends or leave baby with any baby sitter.

10.when baby is very unwell you leave it to go unoticed and without seeking medical attention.

The Term failure to thrive can happen when many or all the above happen to a baby.

neglect is another terminology as you fail to put into place procedures for mainaining good parent skills for your child.It is very sad but cases like this do happen to children and illness and death can occur if not acted upon in some instances.

Abuse, whether sexual,physical,by a parent or baby sitter, Emotional abuse not forming good relationships talking to your baby from an early start .developing good communications/ relationships right from the start are not only good for bonding with other adults and children from your child's point of view but your baby learns how to form early cooing sounds,babbling noices, making sounds and progresses onto your baby then beginning to talk.

By keeping a baby still either lying down in a pram all the time or not having play opportunities can delay your child's development, Physical skills can be delayed such as rolling over,reaching out to grab for toys, grasping toys, exploring toys textures and suroundings.

By not feeding baby correctly,offering a balanced diet once solids have started, keeping babys eating untensils clean can make a baby become very unwell.babies can fail to gain weight as a baby becomes a very sickly baby, with a low immune system.

Shaken baby sydrome is when a baby's brain is shaken inside the skull with a baby being shaken or violently shaken. The brain is damaged and can cause death in such a small infant.By keeping an environment unsafe can result in a fatal accident occuring with tiny fingers poking into electrical sockets or scalding from hot cups of tea hanging around.

keeping baby clean and healthy is the best option by living with a stable family and maintaining a safe,warm,caring,clean, healthy ,happy and loving home.

This article is written just to give you a slight insight into the care and well being of bringing up your baby.I appologise if all topics have not been covered but it is a big area to cover in just one article.


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