Baby Cereal in a Bottle You Have to avoid

. 1/17/09

Many parents have been in increasing the grain of their baby bottles, and hopes that the baby will sleep better through the night, or because they know the baby is not getting enough food.

If you've heard opinions, "More grain your baby bottle and get him to sleep in 5 hours" or "If your baby constantly wants to nurse or looked hungry, add a bottle of cereals," I know that these are the myths and not facts.

The baby getting enough nutrition in breast milk or formula the first 6 months of life. In fact, many medical experts agree that the cereal before 4 months of age can cause food allergies. Moreover, the addition of cereal in your baby bottle is a bad idea. During.

The experts, including Dr. Alan Greene, MD of the view that absorbs and swallowing actions are not fully coordinated in some children, which can cause respiratory problems because they can inhale small amounts of rice, grain of their lungs.

What other dangers there, adding that grain baby bottle? One thing, the child could well be the way obesity. The extra calories in the cereal market in itself is enough to teach children overeat. When a child is at least 4 months of age, it is better suited to the use of cereal crops by feeding a baby with a spoon. This does not just teach them to learn to eat from the spoon, but also an opportunity to rest, and it helps the baby to learn the correct way to eat.

What about your mother, and grandmother, and sister, and all those people who swear that the addition of grain every baby bottle to bed and stay longer satisfied with? Dr. Alan Greene, MD says, "I think that the reason is that children do not fall asleep a little faster, and some babies may even go a little longer between feedings. There is no scientific evidence, but its support of the cereal in a bottle of infant formula to help increase the total sleep or decrease crying. "

American Academy of Pediatrics also advises against the child's feeding the cereal is packaged in bottles. The only time feeding your baby cereal in bottle is, when the pediatrician recommends its assistance reflux.

Obesity. Food allergies. Lung problems. Bad eating habits. These are all reasons enough to steer out of a bottle of baby cereal products. You may be happy you did.


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