Does you daughter want to be a model?

. 1/18/09

It seems like most girls growing up, if givin the opportunity, would love to become a beautiful fashion model. Is this something you should discourage or encourage them to pursue? The fashion industry is a tough industry and even if you want your kids to have nothing to do with it, it may be beneficial to let them get a small taste.
Modeling schools... I'm sure you've heard lots of bad things about modeling schools. That's because most are complete scams. Modeling colleges are the only colleges that can't get accredidation. Because of this, people can, and do, start lots of scams. However, if you do find a good school it may be very beneficial! There isn't much to learn about modeling which means the biggest subject in modeling school is confidence. Most modeling schools focus on increasing your daughters self confidence and teaching her how to pursue her goals even when she faces closed doors. Here is a Free Modeling School which will help your daughter learn all the skills in modeling while building her self confidence which is the most important skill.
The website with the free modeling school actually has a lot of good features if your daughter is just beginning. The website is modelrelief.com and it has almost everything your daughter needs to "become a model". She can even create her own fashion profile witch will allow agents and fellow models to see her work.
Overall modeling could be a very good thing for your children. Even if it's not something they continue to pursue, it will help them learn valuable skills that are hard to find any place else. If it's something you want to encourage them to pursue to a higher level then you'll want them to eventually create a portfolio and find a good agent. Good luck and most importantly, have fun.


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