Getting Your Kids Moving for Good Health

. 4/30/09

Kids today eat more and exercise less than the last generation, and this is poised to continue unless something changes. One of the best things you can do for your children’s health is to get them moving and teach them the value of physical activity. Numerous studies have shown that regular childhood exercise is one of the leading indicators of good, lifelong health habits.

If you were an active child who loved playing sports and on the playground, you probably still do something to stay in shape today - but do you involve your children in these activities? If not, you are not doing all you can to prepare your children to lead healthy, adult lives. Show your children you care about exercise – take them with you on walks. They may not want to start jogging right away, but if you take your toddlers on short walks with you now, they will get used to the idea of exercising.

For children to stay in shape, they need about an hour of physical activity every day. What type of activity depends on the child’s age, temperament, and interests. Check out the recommendations below to help find the right activity for the children in your family.


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