he Role of Learning in Childrens Play

. 4/3/09

PLAY TIME UNIVERSITY? A child does not need to learn to play, but he does need to play to learn. From the earliest age, children are fascinated by the world around them and they desire to interact with it as much as possible. The utilization of miniature versions of things the children see in the adult world can give the child a way to explore how the real world works. It also can be a great tool to help a parents evaluate what messages they are conveying to their children as they see how their children interpret what they observe with their parents.

Lyn's Toy Shop offers toys that will help your children develop skills that will prepare them for life, teach them to engage the creative process, and give you a fun opportunity to become part of their world in a fresh new way.

Understanding the importance of play in the development of children's lives, you should take the opportunity wherever possible to make choices that will stimulate learning through the joy of play.

When planning your next birthday party, you could choose a themed party such as a pirate party or a fairy party, and then incorporate exciting events in your party that will help the children understand a little about the significance piracy has had on the history of the world or how the magic of fairies can be lived through children and adult literature. Lyn's Toy Shop can help with party bag fillers that might include pocket money toys that simulate pirate booty. Or perhaps you might prefer to simplify your life by purchasing pre-filled party bags that will make your child's party more memorable for all attendees.

A great way to spend quality time with your child is to choose toys that will naturally benefit from your guidance. An origami set could open your child's mind to explore the origins of this unique form of art. A build-your-own periscope kit can help you teach your child about how mirrors and reflections can be used as tools. Wooden finger puppets can be used to teach your child how to create stories and express idea. Simple musical toys can introduce a child to the language of rhythm, harmony, and rhyme.

Felt boards, puzzles, and even baby dolls, when given the proper direction, can be invaluable in the development of a child. The limits are found only in your and your child's imagination and creativity.

Toys are never supposed to be simple time filler, baby sitters, or toy box stuffers. They should be carefully selected to add quality to the life of a child that will follow him through all of his or her days. Be purposeful when choosing toys. As they are outgrown, recycle them into the life of another child, so old toys do not overwhelm the environment. When you start taking toys seriously, they will help your child to flourish in ways you can't even imagine. Play smart!via


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It really is important for children to have play time. This helps their imagination and creativity grow. Having playmates will also help your child develop social skills.

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