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. 4/22/09

When we have a Parents are developing ways to have a more productive bonding experience with their kids. Some play with their children using educational toys. Others bring their kids to children's library and museums. Some also watches educational films and DVDs with their kids.

One of the most interesting ways to bond with your kids is through art. Art has a lot of forms. That is why it is very interesting to introduce it to kids. Here are some of the ways you can bond with your child utilizing art:

1. Children have fascination with colors. You can give them crayons and introduce colors to them. You can also buy them a coloring book and teach them how to color the shapes and other drawings. Through this, you will be able to teach them the different colors and the different shapes all at the same time.

2. You can also teach them how to paint. You can make a large canvas art where all your kids can take part of. They can either use their hands or brush. After the project, you can have it framed and displayed in your living area. It will make your kids proud to see their artwork on the wall.

3. You can also teach them to draw. There are a lot of drawing books that you can provide them. You can also tell them a story while they are tracing the characters. In addition, you can ask them to tell a story while they are coloring the material. You will be amazed with their imagination and their ability to tell stories.

4. You can also teach them to play with clay. Clays are very good materials. This is another way to express their creativity. They do not have to worry about making mistakes as well because they can reshape it any time and in any way they want.

5. Crafting is also a good way to bond with your child. You can teach them to use different materials. However, make sure that you choose safe materials for crafting. Cut needed materials ahead of time. There are a lot of projects you can do. You can create a box where they can keep their toys. This will entice them to organize their things because they took part in the creation of the box.

Art is a very good tool to use when bonding with your kids. It can also create a remembrance of your activity just like the large canvas art. Projects like this can last until your children grow old and have lives of their own.

Children love everything that is colorful. They are also excited to create things. Aside from that, your child can learn many things while enhancing his creativity. He can learn about colors, lines, and shapes. If you incorporate other subjects to your bonding time, your child can also learn about socialization, storytelling, and other important values.
Art is a fun way to bond with your kids. Choose one manner, and remember to enjoy the moment with them. Via


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